News from the Hyposphere. Scholarly Blogging in France, abstract by Aurélien Berra

 News from the Hyposphere. Scholarly Blogging in France. Abstract by Aurélien Berra. Paper given on the conference “Weblogs in den Geisteswissenschaften oder: Vom Entstehen einer neuen Forschungskultur”, 9th March 2012, Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften in Munich.

In this paper I will give a sketch of the structure and development of The emphasis will be on the diversity of its carnets de recherche, its role as a scholarly network (the hyposphere), its significance in French academic culture and its evolution towards an international platform for scholarly blogging in the humanities and social sciences.

Aurélien Berra
Dr Aurélien Berra is Maître de conférences in Rhetoric and Ancient Greek language and literature at Paris-Ouest University. His core interest in Digital Humanities lies in the renewal of philological practices, in relation to a digital edition project and a seminar at the EHESS („Édition savante et humanités numériques“). However, as a member of the Conseil scientifique of and a member of the Redaktion of, he also pays great attention to the wider transformations of scholarly communication.
Blog: Philologie à venir
Twitter: @aurelberra

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