Whispers into the Void: Personal Reflections on Academic Blogging, abstract by Melissa Terras

Whispers into the Void: Personal Reflections on Academic Blogging. Abstract by Melissa Terras. Paper given on the conference “Weblogs in den Geisteswissenschaften oder: Vom Entstehen einer neuen Forschungskultur”, 9th March 2012, Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften in Munich.

Melissa was relatively late to blogging – beginning to blog in 2005, believing it was part of her academic role to use the type of technologies often talked about. In this paper she will give some personal reflections on the role, impact, and benefits in maintaining a personal academic blog, the relationship of blogs to micro-blogging (such as twitter) and how actively maintaining a digital presence can benefit an academic’s career.

Melissa Terras
Dr Melissa Terras is the Reader in Electronic Communication in the Department of Information Studies in University College London. Her research centres around Digital Humanities, and the use of computational techniques to allow research in the arts and heritage that would otherwise be impossible. Melissa Terra’s blog:  http://melissaterras.blogspot.com/  She twitters under @melissaterras


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